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Welcome one and all to WAR of the Rams II

Scribal Competition

Greetings from the Ansteorran Star Signet; HL Lillias MacGuffin, and the Their Majesties Gleann Abhann's Fire Opal Herald; Baron Jacques-Phillipe d'Avignon

It is our pleasure to once again announce that both Kingdoms will be working together to hold a special competition this year at Bordermarch Autumn Melees. We are looking for pre-print designs for both Kingdoms. The specific pre-prints needed are listed below.
The Gleann Abhann winner will be chosen by Their Majesties Gleann Abhann, or Their representative(s), and the Ansteorran winner will be chosen by Their Majesties Ansteorra, or Their representative[s]. A prize will be given to the winner for each kingdom.
All entries are to be donated to the respective kingdom. You do not have to be from the kingdom in which you enter your project to win their prize, so if you're really good you can walk away with both prizes. Pre-prints needed:

For Ansteorra:
The Compass Rose - an AoA level award for service that involves working with the children.
Sable Flur – a non-armigerous award for a particular display of artisanship.
Sable Sparrow – a non-armigerous award for a particular act of service.
Award of Arms - specifically using some of the new text variations
Sable Thistle - armigerous arts and sciences award, specifically please use some of the new text variations
Sable Comet - armigerous service award (for smaller groups, shires, and Provinces), specifically please use some of the new text variations

For Gleann Abhann:
Her Majesties Jeweled Ring - a non-armigerous award, The Order of the Jeweled Ring shall consist of those individuals or groups who have offered great service to Her Royal Majesty,

The Sovereigns Letter of Endorsement - anon-armigerous award, The Sovereigns Letter of Endorsement shall be given to of those individuals or groups who have offered great service to His Royal Majesty

There will be one prize given for the winner chosen for Ansteorra, one prize given for the winner chose for Gleann Abhann as well as a prize given for a very special new category to be given only this year, for the newly created Gleann Abhann Order of the Rams Heart.

Now a few rules:

1. Since we are encouraging cross-kingdom entries here are the links to the all the pertinent awards information...

Ansteorran College of Scribes and Illuminators

Ansteorran Scroll Text Size Standards

Ansteorran Approved Award Texts

Ansteorran Existing Charter Library (for ideas so they can see what we already have)

Gleann Abhann Heraldic Law:

Gleann Abhann Award Texts:

2. All charters/pre-prints should be the black-and-white inked copy, not a finished painted product. The design (calligraphy and illumination) is what will be judged, not the paint job. It is recommended that 2 copies of each pre-print should be submitted, one of which should be submitted in an envelope or some type of protective covering. This copy will be used as a pre-print master and therefore needs to remain untouched. The other copy will be on display for the purpose of judging,

3. Submissions should have basic information included with the submission (which period illumination inspired the design, the time period and country it was from, and the common color palette of the period material in question). This is information we both often put at the bottom of our pre-printed charters in the basic instructions for painting.

4. All entries to be turned in to Lady Penelope de Bourbon by 12:00 p.m. on Saturday at the BFT. Winners will be announced at Great Court.

Yours in Service,

HL Lillias MacGuffin, Ansteorran Star Signet
Baron Jacques-Phillipe d'Avignon, TRM Gleann Abhann Fire Opal Herald

Event Stewards:
HE Dona Leah, Co-Stewards: HL Isabella della Rosaa & Lady Mary Whytehorne
Merchant Steward: Lord Phocas of Bordermarch
Group email to stewards at Bordermarch dot org
ONE Email sent to Stewards is forwarded to: Events Stewards, B&B & Merchant Steward

Bordermarch Autumn Melees - War of the Rams II

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